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We provide the industry leading training courses, from soft skills to hard skills. We offer courses in IT, education, healthcare and commerce. To dominate your competition, we give you the edge.

Ace Professionals is a training and recruitment company founded on the mission to influence the mindset of professionals, we are designed to help professionals to position themselves to exploit their innermost potential across different generations. our mission is to enrich you to live the life of your dreams by equipping you with the needed skills and information that will help you get ahead in life no matter where you are now. we are transformers, we are pace setters, we are leader makers and we are here for you to ACE it.
Ace Professionals was founded by Toks wealth child on April 17, 2017, born out of the desire to see professionals maximise their potential. Our core principles are growth and development.

What We Do


Mr. Wealth-Child has been an educator for 3 decades following a family legacy of educators for 5 decades prior. Our passion is to equip people with tools and actionable information which will enable them to become the best versions of themselves. We do this by leveraging on the benefits of remote learning and maximising on the opportunities for in-person training.


he world is quickly advancing and increasingly becoming reliant on artificial intelligence, at Ace professionals, we reduce the gap between technological advancement and industry access, by applying data and making productive predictions for delivering technology, we help organisations implement the cutting edge applications available to their teams.

Health Care

It has become a necessity to deliver the best type of care to every human life. Specifically, in the health care industry, we train healthcare workers on the updated guidelines of the in administering support plans and on the fundamentals required to safeguard their clients in every day practice. Hence, these reduces human error, uninformed judgements and poor monitoring by strategic use of effective communication.


To have the edge over competitors, and to constantly deliver despite the changes in the markets, we deliver courses to ensure that organisations are on well informed in the required soft skills and hard skills that foster productivity.
We avoid guessing , we deduce from reliable research and patterns from the market trajectory.

Awesome Team

I am a highly motivated, diligent and relentless professional with effective communication skills. My determination prepares me for challenges and empowers a continuous drive in my quest for knowledge and efforts to contribute to the development of others. I have taught for three decades on different continents, only seeking better and quicker to improve skills and encourage self mastery.

Toks W Child

CEO and Founder

What Our Customers Are Saying


Working with Ace professionals has really helped my character and me to adapt into situations I never thought I could. They have given me the opportunity to experience what it is like in a work place which has really set me up well for things I would like to pursue in the future. They are very good at providing a nice working environment.

Michael Sarpong

Senior Team Executive, Cable Room


It is a pleasure working with Ace professionals, they have found me the perfect candidate for the role I had advertised. They listened carefully to all the requirements wanted and worked in a good timely manner. I would highly recommended Ace and will definitely be using their services again.


Dynamic Functionality Manager, Trail Auto

At Ace Professionals we are driven by excellence. We empower individuals and organizations with industry-leading solutions, fostering growth and success. Trust Ace Professionals as your partner in success.

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