Training Packages

For the young Africans without any background in the health sector who want to become Caregivers or Nursing assistants in the United Kingdom.

  • NHS accredited training & care certificate
  • Job interview/recruitment
  • Visa assistance
  • Family & dependants



Terms and Conditions
The money is charged for the services provided and our approach is pragmatic and services can be improved not removed. As a result, Payments are nonrefunded.
This is not a Visa service, this a recruitment drive. We do not guarantee any returns but our service. We are committed to delivering premium service, as we take pride in our quality work and growing testimonials.
We reserve the right to withdraw a candidate from our programme, and the withdrawn participants will not be refunded, once their service has commenced.

The cooling-off period is prior to any service.

Care Workers For UK Package

Focused Elite Training
£3000 only

A six months program to assist young graduates to get settled in UK with valid work permit for care-provider and nurse.

  • NHS accredited training
  • NHS accredited care certificate
  • Job interview/recruitment
  • Visa assistance
  • Family & dependants

Our Process

Phases of our process that shows an overview of custom alterations to meet your every expectation

Stage 1

A. Your requirements, job specification your relevant experience/education.

B. Our requirement your engagement with revision. Your provision of value evidenced information.

Stage 2

A. Refinement of focused areas.

B. Specific ATS words match.

Stage 3

A. Presentation focused changes for desired effects.

B. Completed version ready for the market.


Most commonly asked questions about our CV services

There is only service guarantee, but no guarantees for services we do not control.
Relative, depends on a number of things. There is an average expected time of 2 months. The time can extend up to 6 months or more dependent on the candidates.
Yes some gorm of proof that you studied in English or pass the Cerf exam.
No, services are not retractable.
It is clearly on the package.